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2012-10-04 10:50:07 +0100 marked best answer sage 5.3: no object "simplify_full" currently defined

simplify_full() isn't a top-level function, it's a method attached to symbolic expressions. You can use it like this:

sage: f = (x-1)^2
sage: f.simplify_full()
x^2 - 2*x + 1
2012-09-28 05:22:25 +0100 asked a question sage 5.3: no object "simplify_full" currently defined

I compiled sage 5.3 from source, everything was successful. So far I have not installed any of the optional packages. However, I cannot find any of the specific simplify-functions. (Error message: "no object 'simplify_full()' currently defined") The only thing I am able to use is simplify(). Am I missing something?

Edit to answer SLOtoSF profound question, "what have you tried":

  1. Autocompletion
  2. "sage> simplify?"
  3. reference documentation
  4. google search (e.g., "sage 5.3 simplify_full", "no object 'simplify_full()' currently defined" ...)
  5. asksage search "simplify_full" and "full_simplify"
  6. don't remember what else...
2012-09-24 02:57:27 +0100 commented answer How to get Sage 5.1 working under VMWare Player 4.0?

Thanks for your answer - so I'll do it the hard way ;).

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2012-09-24 02:54:46 +0100 marked best answer How to get Sage 5.1 working under VMWare Player 4.0?

Seems like VMware crashes on the VirtualBox guest extensions. Without being able to run the VM you can't uninstall the guest extensions. My suggestion would be to manually install Linux in VMware and then compile Sage from source in there.

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2012-09-21 06:40:40 +0100 asked a question How to get Sage 5.1 working under VMWare Player 4.0?

I want to use Sage 5.1 under VMWare Player 4.0.1 build-528992 . I successfully imported the virtual machine (sage-5.1.ova) by simply clicking open and ignoring any warnings (none of them seemed critical to me). However, when I now start the actual sage-5.1.vmx VM in the VMWare Player, it crashes (!) while booting the VM.

The last thing I can see is an error message after the login prompt:

sagevm login: [    5.655611] vboxguest: VirtualBox Guest PCI device not found.

Also there is another error message before:

[   4.219704] piix4_smbus 0000:00:07.3: Host SMBus controller not enabled!

I already changed the network settings to "Bridged" as suggested somewhere else.

I know that VirtualBox is recommended, but I do not have admin rights on my PC and have to cope with VMWare Player (which is installed).