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2010-09-29 21:25:07 +0100 asked a question large groebner basis calculations

I know there are a number of different packages in Sage capable of computing Groebner basis but I don't have much experience with these tools. I am wondering which option and specifically which routine might be most suitable for very large (50,000 generators) but relatively sparse (polynomials of degree less than 4 and with 4 or fewer terms over 64 variables). I am interested in basis and prime decomposition in relation to classifying low dimensional Frobenius algebras. I am currently using groeber and the primdec library from Singular in Sage but I am up against significant performance limits.

Also, does any have an recommended methods of pre-processing sparse sets of generators prior to calling groebner? And are there any packages capable of exploiting multi-processor architecture?

2010-09-17 10:21:37 +0100 asked a question Sage and distance learning

I think Sage and computer algebra software in general, could play an important role in math courses for remotely located students. To some extent and with some guidance I think student exploration with Sage can replace direct interaction with a math tutor. Are there any distance learning course that currently incorporate Sage as part of the "courseware"? How can Sage be integrated with other packages such as Moodle?

2010-09-17 10:15:58 +0100 asked a question Sage and grid computing

I found only one reference to Sage andgrid computing:

Are there any existing projects involving Sage and grid computing?