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Sage-4.8 installation failed in ubuntu 10.04

asked 2012-03-23 01:40:30 +0200

anonymous user


updated 2012-03-23 01:47:47 +0200

First of all: information related to my computer (output of uname -a): Linux myname-desktop 2.6.32-39-generic #86-Ubuntu SMP Mon Feb 13 21:47:32 UTC 2012 i686 GNU/Linux

I was trying to install sage-4.8 from source in ubuntu 10.04. I had downloaded the sage-4.8.tar archive, created the sage-4.8 directory and then used the command "make" inside the sage-4.8 directory. After nearly two hours, I got the report (only relevant part is shown below):

Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 830, in <module>


File "", line 287, in execute_list_of_commands

execute_list_of_commands_in_parallel(command_list, nthreads)

File "", line 238, in execute_list_of_commands_in_parallel

p = Pool(nthreads)

File "/home/myname/sage-4.8/local/lib/python/multiprocessing/", line 227, in Pool

return Pool(processes, initializer, initargs)

File "/home/myname/sage-4.8/local/lib/python/multiprocessing/", line 84, in __init__ self._setup_queues()

File "/home/myname/sage-4.8/local/lib/python/multiprocessing/", line 131, in _setup_queues self._inqueue = SimpleQueue()

File "/home/myname/sage-4.8/local/lib/python/multiprocessing/", line 328, in __init__ self._rlock = Lock()

File "/home/myname/sage-4.8/local/lib/python/multiprocessing/", line 117, in __init__ SemLock.__init__(self, SEMAPHORE, 1, 1)

File "/home/myname/sage-4.8/local/lib/python/multiprocessing/", line 49, in __init__ sl = self._semlock = _multiprocessing.SemLock(kind, value, maxvalue)

"OSError: [Errno 30] Read-only file system

sage: There was an error installing modified sage library code.

ERROR installing Sage

make[1]: * [installed/sage-4.8] Error 1

make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/myname/sage-4.8/spkg'

real 126m42.538s

user 121m51.361s

sys 12m44.712s

Error building Sage.

make: * [build] Error 1"

Earlier I thought I probably should have used the command "sudo make" rather than "make" but later I found, in sage installation guide and also in ubuntu pages that I am allowed to use the command "make". Please suggest what I should do now. Will it be proper to use the "sudo make" command at this stage or should I do something about the already created sage-files and directories (in the failed installation process)?

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As bk322 suggested it is better to use binaries. Is there a reason you are trying to compile it?

Shashank gravatar imageShashank ( 2012-03-23 11:53:36 +0200 )edit

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answered 2012-03-23 10:17:44 +0200

bk322 gravatar image

I'd suggest using binaries instead of building it from source.

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