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how do i create my own project in sagemath

asked 2019-09-26 13:34:55 +0200

ilkhyo gravatar image

I 'm intersted in sagemath for encryption. However, i have not undertood how i can create my own project in this tool as in eclipse. How do I write my own algorithms as code file in this tool.

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answered 2019-09-26 16:02:13 +0200

tmonteil gravatar image

You can have a look at this tutorial about using the jupyter notebook (skip the parts about sagenb, since it will disapear soon) :

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answered 2019-09-26 16:05:09 +0200

Emmanuel Charpentier gravatar image

There ain't, as far as I know, no such thing as a "Project" in Sagemath proprio dictu : you can use the Sage interpreter as you like, to create files in your filesystem. You can also use the Jupyter notebook to create files specific to this interface (a. k. a. "worksheets").

You can, of course, use any IDE you like to work on a set of related Sage (or other tools) files. This is higly problem- and taste-dependent... For exemple, for small projects, my current setup uses emacs to edit org-mode or LaTeX files containing Sage code snippets (as well as other tools) ; the coordinatin between machines (and possibly users) being done by judicious use of git. For larger projects, more-or-less independent LaTeX, Sage (and other) files coordinated by Makefiles would be a better solution. "Noweb-like" and "reproducible research" tool such as SageTeX or org-mode (and, more recently, codebraid) are extremely useful for this purpose.

I suppose that you could use Eclipse (or any other IDE) along the same lines (as long as they can bu configured forthis purpose).

You probably allude to the file structures available on Cocalc, which offers access to Sagemathj and related tools, as well as various services such as editing files by several simultaneous users, access control, etc... Your question would probably be best directed at Cocalc's support staff.

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