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what's the difference between the "sage" folder and "sage-5.5" ?

asked 2013-01-06 14:18:01 +0200

oxeimon gravatar image

A couple questions -

I had last year installed an earlier version of sage. I attempted to delete it by deleting the contents of the folder C:\Users\wchen\VirtualBox VMs\

(I'm using windows 7)

Then I also uninstalled the VirtualBox VM via the control panel, and then reinstalled both via the instructions on

Now after logging into the sage vm using the username/password "sage"/"sage", in the linux console under the path /home/sage, I see two folders, called "sage" and "sage-5.5". The former is highlighted light blue, whereas the latter is dark blue.

As far as I can tell, they both have exactly the same contents, and in particular each contains an executable called "sage".

What is the difference between the two?


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answered 2013-01-07 04:16:48 +0200

ppurka gravatar image

Under the default color settings in Linux, light blue (actually cyan) typically implies that it is a soft symbolic link, whereas dark blue implies that it is a directory. I suspect the sage is just a soft symbolic link to sage-5.5. You can verify by doing a full listing

ls -l /home/sage

It will come up like this: sage -> sage-5.5 or something similar.

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Asked: 2013-01-06 14:18:01 +0200

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