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A problem arises when I try to run SageMath on Windows

asked 2017-01-24 16:12:49 +0200

Karl gravatar image

updated 2017-01-24 16:16:16 +0200

Excuse me for my silly question.

"3.3. Using Sage" in says that after the virtual machine has finished booting, I should see the following window:image description

But what I encounter is the following window:

I have tried entering the first two folders and opening the "notebook-browser" but I still do not know how to launch the Sage Notebook. Could anyone help me? I would appreciate any help with this situation.

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1 Answer

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answered 2017-01-24 16:27:04 +0200

kcrisman gravatar image

This wiki should really be updated. A few releases ago the Jupyter notebook became the default notebook on the Windows SageMath installer. To launch the "old" Sage notebook, you would need to open a command line and do sage -n. See this question for more details.

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Asked: 2017-01-24 16:12:49 +0200

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