Sage and disk usage on MacOS Mavericks

asked 2014-02-06 16:02:05 +0100

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This is not really a sage question, but maybe somebody knows the answer anyway. I have installed on MacOS Mavericks. The unpacked application is roughly 6GB in size. Say after installation I have X GB free disk space. I now run sage in a terminal with


Sage starts and does its usual little startup mambo, checking that all the paths are in order and such. After that, I have X-6 GB free disk space (as shown in Finder). When I quit sage, the disk space does not return, it seems gone. When I start sage the next day, I have X-12GB free disk space, but that seems to be it, on day three I don't lose any additional space. Even better, after a week or so not using sage, the 6GB packages come back one per day. What's the reason for this, and can I prevent it?

I suspect that it has to do with MobileBackups and TimeMachine. If there was a huge change on my disk, I would see this in TimeMachine backup sizes, but they are small, like 500MB a day or so. Could it be that the MobileBackups mechanism which is independent of time machine makes a snapshot of the entire Application when something changes? What could this change be? Does the folder change on every startup? Is TimeMachine smart enough to backup only the presumably small changed file, but MobileBackups keeps a copy of the entire Folder?

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Hmm, turns out that folder was only around 3GB, not 6. Space disappears in 6GB packages, though.

Thomas gravatar imageThomas ( 2014-02-07 03:39:18 +0100 )edit