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How to upgrade a python package with pip?

asked 2014-02-01 13:01:43 -0600

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updated 2015-02-07 15:48:56 -0600

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I'm trying to set up QuantLib and PyQL on cloud.sagemath. QuantLib builds out of the box. For PyQL, I need Cython >0.18; installed version is 0.15. If I try a local install:

pip install --user --upgrade --ignore-installed cython

pip tries to uninstall the system version, which of course fails. Any idea how to proceed?

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answered 2014-02-02 04:04:56 -0600

updated 2014-02-02 04:05:12 -0600

Try sage --python pip install ... or sage --sh followed by pip install .... Either of these will run Sage's version of Python.

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This worked: sage --sh then pip install --user --upgrade cython -> installed cython 0.20 (feb 2, 2014) Thanks a lot!

phn gravatar imagephn ( 2014-02-02 09:36:11 -0600 )edit

answered 2015-01-28 11:52:09 -0600

vdelecroix gravatar image


Soon we will have pip as a standard package. So in sage version greater or equal to 6.5 just do

sage -pip install ...

In Sage version 6.4 you can already do the above command but first you need to install pip through

sage -i pip

For more information about the integration of pip see:


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