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Sage and CUDA

asked 2010-09-07 11:04:13 +0200

maldun gravatar image

Hi there!

Is it possible to use CUDA within Sage. I didn't find any good answers yet.

Can it somehow be linked, or is it even possible to use PyCUDA?

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answered 2010-09-24 18:32:50 +0200

maldun gravatar image

updated 2010-09-24 18:38:19 +0200

Okay I found some time and build now a package for pycuda. (see Ticket #10010 for details)

on Ticket #10009 I provide also a package for PyOpenCL which can also used with ATI cards as well.

The PyCUDA package can be downloaded from:

(direct link: )

Installation Notes:

  • Install CUDA on your machine:
  • set the SAGE_CUDA variable in your shell with:

    export SAGE_CUDA =/where/you/have/installed/cuda

    (i wrote this in .bashrc)

  • install package. (Download it from the links above)
  • IMPORTANT: After installation the setuptools package has to be reinstalled!! Because the installer uses the distributed egg package. This messes somehow with setuptools and will be removed after the installation. But this destroys setup tools!
  • enjoy!

It works for me. Hope it's usefull!

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answered 2010-09-09 18:48:26 +0200

Mike Witt gravatar image

I should start off by saying that I haven't tried to use PyCUDA (or CUDA) but it does look pretty interesting. I would think that, assuming you have everything installed and you are already able to use PyCUDA from python -- then you would also be able to import the PyCUDA libraries and use them in Sage.

I spent a little while looking at the PyCUDA wiki, thinking that I might give it a try. But getting everything set up looked rather daunting. I'd be interested to hear whether this works or not, and what it takes to use it.


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Ah I thought that no one's interested in it, so I'm decided to start attempts to get it up and running! I already bought a new graphics card. I hope in the next weeks I will start to get it built on my sage. I will try to get PyOpenCl also running. If there's interest I can start a ticket on this!

maldun gravatar imagemaldun ( 2010-09-16 19:35:02 +0200 )edit

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