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Direct product for finitely presented groups

asked 2013-07-20 18:12:07 +0200

dshurbert gravatar image

I am currently trying to implement a direct product function for finitely presented groups by wrapping GAP's DirectProduct method. I have placed a constructor direct_product_groups, which appears in the global namespace, in the top level groups.pyx file, which accepts a list of groups as input. The function then checks the representations of the groups listed, and calls the appropriate constructor such as direct_product_permgroups or direct_product_fpgroups, which I am currently implementing as a private constructor.

My goal for direct_product_groups is that it will eventually completely mimic GAP's DirectProduct in that it takes a list of groups in any representation, and outputs their direct product in an appropriate representation. But for now, it behaves simply by punting its input to other, more specific constructors.

I was wondering if this approach is prefered, if this functionality is already implemented somewhere, or if anyone has any suggestions/thoughts/critiques at all. I'm new to Sage and want to get a feel for the response to this enhancement before it is posted to trac. -dshurbert

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answered 2013-07-21 09:59:27 +0200

Volker Braun gravatar image

sage-devel is probably a more appropriate discussion forum for that kind of question.

I would probably implement direct products as a method G.direct_product(H) using the GAP function if G is a group implemented in GAP. Then raise NotImplemented if H is not in GAP.

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