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2018-10-02 15:16:52 +0100 asked a question Help in generating Ulam numbers

I want to generate a list of Ulam numbers, with an Ulam number being defined by Wikipedia as "a member of an integer sequence that starts with U_1 = 1 and U_2 = 2. Then for n > 2, U_n is defined to be the smallest integer that is the sum of two distinct earlier terms in exactly one way and larger than all earlier terms." The code I've written doesn't work but there's insufficient room here to post.

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2018-06-11 08:49:07 +0100 asked a question What is the SAGE command for calculating a Frobenius number

This is the WolframAlpha link to what I'm trying to do:

Apparently I can't make the link active or post an image because I don't have the karma! Just add the http to the link above.