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2017-01-11 16:03:03 +0100 commented question Cannot get Maxima to run in terminal in OS10.11.6

Thanks for the suggestions. I downloaded Maxima separately and can run it on its own, but it's as if it's not included in the sage package. None of maxima_console(), sage -maxima or just integrating x^2 work. I can't show you what happens since that exceeds the maximum comment length allowed here. Maybe I'll try downloading a different version of the sage package.

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2017-01-10 03:21:49 +0100 asked a question Cannot get Maxima to run in terminal in OS10.11.6

I downloaded for MacOSX (running El Capitan on 2016 Mac Book). Double clicked I selected Terminal Session>Math>maxima . A terminal window appears with the following text:

Last login: Mon Jan 9 19:09:51 on ttys001 /Users/unlmath/Desktop/SAGE/ --maxima; exit MacBook-Pro:~ unlmath$ /Users/unlmath/Desktop/SAGE/ --maxima; exit ;;; Loading #P"/Users/unlmath/Desktop/SAGE/" ;;; Loading #P"/Users/unlmath/Desktop/SAGE/"

Condition of type: END-OF-FILE Unexpected end of file on #<sequence-input stream="" 000000010b9691e0="">. No restarts available.

Top level.

As far as I can tell Maxima is not running. I'm not sure what is running at the ">" prompt. I haven't found anything on-line describing this problem. If I select Terminal Session>Math>gap it runs gap in the terminal, and if I select Terminal Session>sage it runs sage. Maxima behaves differently. I'd like to get it working.