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It seems most likely that you have downloaded a binary that is not compatible with your computer. Do you have a 64-bit OS X 10.8 system? If not, you should try a different binary at

2013-09-05 19:53:16 +0200 asked a question Not run Sage

Hello, when I start Sage by Terminal I get the following message:

MacBook-Pro-de-Apple: Apple ~ $ / Applications/; exit
+ ------------------------------------------------- ------------------- +
| Sage Version 5.11, Release Date: 08/13/2013 |
| Type "notebook ()" for the browser-based notebook interface. |
| Type "help ()" for help. |
+ ------------------------------------------------- ------------------- +
/ Applications/ line 305: 918 Segmentation fault: 11 sage-location

[Process completed]

Please Explain to me what I'm doing wrong, thanks

2013-09-05 16:47:52 +0200 marked best answer How it develops the 4th step of the installation of Sage on Mac?

This instruction is referring to contextual opening. Whenever you click on a file in a Mac, if you instead Control+Click you will get a menu, and that menu should have "Open With". Depending on your version of Mac, you should have one option there be "Other..." or "Choose from..." or something - and then these directions tell you how to use "Terminal" to be that other program.

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2013-08-29 17:45:34 +0200 asked a question How it develops the 4th step of the installation of Sage on Mac?

I need help. I do not understand the 4th step of the installation of Sage, which reads as follows:

4) Select to run it with "Terminal": Select Applications, then select "All Applications" in the "Enable" drop down. Change the "Applications" drop down to "Utilities". On the left, scroll and select "Terminal". Click "Open", then in the next dialog select "Update".

please someone tell me, how to develop this step?