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how do I remove this sage installation problem

I have attempted to install sage on my ubuntu machine. Files are extracted properly and when I try to install by typing ./sage it first gives me hopes by saying:

"The Sage installation tree has moved from /home/meghak/Desktop/meghasage/sage-5.6-linux-32bit-ubuntu_12.04.1_lts-i686-Linux to /home/meghak/Desktop/meghasage/sage5.6 Updating various hardcoded paths... (Please wait at most a few minutes.) DO NOT INTERRUPT THIS.
Done updating paths."

but then it gives me a message "spkg/bin/sage: line 324:...local/bin/sage-ipython: Permission denied "

I looked into line 324 , it is indicated as ... in the following:

sage() { sage_setup sage-ipython "$@" -i }

Please help, it might be a trivial question but I am not getting it. Thanks in advance.