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Trace function over GF(q)


I understand the idea of defining functions over GF(q) which You explained me very precisely. Now I have following problem:

I want to define the function:

f(x,y)=Tr(x*g(y/x)), where Tr(x)=x+x^2+x^4 (Tr:GF(8)-->GF(2)) and


Let (for example) d=3.

With convention that 1/0=0 (y/0=0), I want to see what values this function f receives. How can I do this in SAGE?

What I did (with Yours help):

def custom_divide(x,y):
    if y==0:
        return 0
    return x/y

for a,b in F^2:
    print "x: ",a,"y: ",b,"x/y: ",custom_divide(a,b)

for a,b in F^2:
    print "x*y: ",a*b,"(x*y)^2: ",(a*b)^2,"(x*y)^(1/2): ",(a*b).nth_root(2)

I'm stopped here because I'm not sure how can I define such function f. Any help/advices will be highly appreciated.

I could write more details if something is not clear.

Best regards, Arczi