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Virasoro Verma module Basis

Hi I am starting to look at the implementation of the Virasoro algebra and some of its modules in

I have a question regarding the method basis() that returns a basis of the module. As the following example shows this particular linear combination of basis elements is zero so I wander in which sense are we getting a basis or a generating set, or even better how to actually get sage to recognize that the combination is actually zero?

sage: g = lie_algebras.VirasoroAlgebra(QQ)
sage: V = g.verma_module(1/2,0)
sage: d = g.basis()
sage: B = V.basis()
sage: v = V.highest_weight_vector()
sage: B[-2,-1] - B[-1,-2] + B[-3] ==
sage: B[-2,-1] - B[-1,-2] + B[-3]
d[-3]*v + d[-2]*d[-1]*v - d[-1]*d[-2]*v
sage: d[-3]*v + d[-2]*(d[-1]*v) - d[-1]*(d[-2]*v) ==