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Documentation for show involving ymin and ymax

I was reading the documentation on 2d plotting again and I noticed something that I find strange. In the plot documentation, there is the following phrase:

If you want to limit the plot along the horizontal axis in the final rendered figure, then pass the xmin and xmax keywords to the show() method. To limit the plot along the vertical axis, ymin and ymax keywords can be provided to either this plot command or to the show command.

Ok, so this feels pretty obvious and all is well and good. But then you get other questions that show that ymin and ymax don't behave naively, nor are they associated directly with plot. Instead, that answer says that ymin and ymax are really just always passed to show, and so should be thought of as show arguments.

Hmm, so it's not so obvious. So we might go to the show documentation to better understand what is going on. Unfortunately, show does not mention anything about ymin or ymax, or what happens when they're added together.

As far as I can tell, there is nothing in any show documentation that mentions ymin or ymax. Is that correct? If so, is that by design?