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Running SAGE in the own network


I'm using Fedora 18 64bits where I installed the SAGE and it runs normally when I'm using localhost:8080 and with local ip of the machine: (as an example).

I checked the firewall (ipchains) , any computer can connect to . I'm trying to run in my tablet (and several computers in a class) the SAGE in the LAN (others programs/servers are working fine).

I did a search in google and here, I'm almost 1 week trying to solve this. I can't connect in the SAGE machine/server from other computers in the local network.

1) Can someone please explain how to set it to run locally?

2) Why not include in future releases an option to automatically turn it on to an entire network and maybe outside (public)? The security issues is up to the admin of the server.

Thank you very much for the attention.