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Cannot reset password as a user

Using MaxOSX 10.8.4, with Sage 5.31

I've been using Sage as admin for several days, running it by clicking on the executable in /Applications to run it. Overall, it runs reasonably OK.

The problem is when I try to create a new user (me). I create the user account (which, by the way has a bad interface because you are put into an infinite loop of creating users with no escape).

So I create the user, save the password and login as the new user. That works. I then try to change the password, typing in the old one and new one (twice). Then I sign out and login again as the user. Sage does not accept the new password. Now neither the old or new passwords works, so the account is unusable. I then login again as admin and delete the account. I repeated the account creation/change password process 3 more times, being very careful to type in the password very carefully. It fails the same way every time! What is going on?