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how to delete files in virtualbox?

asked 2012-07-18 15:35:48 +0100

JamesSage gravatar image

Hi there, I am wondering if there is any easy way to delete files in virtualbox? Like the "delete" option when you right click in Windows. The files I'd like to delete is located at /home/gui/downloads. I can only view them through the sage notebook but have no idea how to delete them. I am using sage5.0 on Windows 7, and the virtual machine is virtualbox. I am completely new to sage and linux system. Any help will be highly appreciated.

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answered 2012-07-19 18:17:33 +0100

Emil Widmann gravatar image

Start the virtual machine and get to the command shell by pressing Ctrl-F1 like described here: Sage Appliance Online Docs

Log into the virtual machine as user gui. The user account running the web browser is called gui with password sage.

sagevm login: gui
Password: sage

This login should bring you in the /home/gui directory. You can list the contents of that directory with the command (short for list)


remove (rm) files with the command

rm filename

Probably you can delete files also from the gui interface of the vm, but the commandline version should work in any case.

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It works!!! Thank you so much!!!

JamesSage gravatar imageJamesSage ( 2012-07-19 20:28:36 +0100 )edit

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