double-click sws on all platforms?

asked 2012-07-12 22:34:38 +0200

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In the spirit of MathOverflow, I have a "soft question".

At Trac 11026 it looks like Ivan has finally heroically licked the double-click issue for a Sage worksheet on Mac. This is a really great addition; I've been told on more than one occasion that for many institutional settings, not having this makes Sage a non-starter.

(Some of us respectfully disagree, but if you have a model that works, switching to the server model could be less than useful, and that share and publish are the only two good options there limits things somewhat.)

So, soft question: What would it take to have something similar on Windows, with the current virtual machine or even with Cygwin, if needed? Does this question even make sense on the zillions of distros of Linux? HP-UX, with its thriving calculus computer lab constituency?

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