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Sage cell server install

asked 2012-03-22 07:45:11 +0100

trony gravatar image

hello i'm a webmaster of a big students international portal we are interested in Sage cell, does the virtual machine distribution have the sage cell server installed? If not can you make it? Or alternatively you can simplify the install process?

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answered 2012-03-23 03:37:06 +0100

Jason Grout gravatar image

I've made a Sage Cell server spkg. The idea is that a simple, nonsecure cell server is as easy as sage -i sage-cell.spkg. As Alex pointed out, we're ironing out some dependency issues. In the last few days, for example, we've eliminated the need for mongodb (Ira Hanson contributed a sqlalchemy backend). We'll be working on this spkg in the coming weeks.

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how and why sage cell server used MongoDB and now sqlalchemy ? for what purpose?

trony gravatar imagetrony ( 2012-03-28 04:33:20 +0100 )edit

It used MongoDB because it was built to scale to big installations. It can also use sqlalchemy so you don't have to install mongodb. A very preliminary version of an spkg is announced here:

Jason Grout gravatar imageJason Grout ( 2012-03-31 00:15:28 +0100 )edit

answered 2012-03-22 08:40:24 +0100

kcrisman gravatar image

Currently the Sage cell is not part of Sage. That will probably change in the future, but for now you will want to look at the github code site for it. Installation instructions are here.

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answered 2012-03-22 09:26:52 +0100

trony gravatar image

yes i've read. sage cell install is a complex process.

may be someone developing sage cell can mirror his devel vm and put online?

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Hi, I'm one of the developers of the project. We're currently working on simplifying the install process quite a bit and eliminating some of the dependency requirements. For now, you can always embed the sage cell into any webpage you want, though. EDIT: Here's the embedding documentation:, there's a fairly simple example at the bottom of the page.

Alex Kramer gravatar imageAlex Kramer ( 2012-03-22 11:48:05 +0100 )edit

i've read it. best if you provide a vm with everything installed, so community can test everyting and we'll get a better sage, embeddable in 1000s websites. also may be useful to have multiple VMs on different physical machines to load balance requests on a possible big use on our or others websites. in other words A little :)

trony gravatar imagetrony ( 2012-03-22 13:47:34 +0100 )edit

Everyone developing the sage cell works on linux or OSX and does not use a VM. We have one student joining us that uses Windows, so we are getting him set up with a VM. It would be then possible to mirror his VM and put it up somewhere, so we'll look at that in coming weeks. Even better is to finish the cell server spkg mentioned my answer.

Jason Grout gravatar imageJason Grout ( 2012-03-23 03:39:09 +0100 )edit

In the next few months, the plan is to move the architecture to Google App Engine (web frontend) and EC2 (computation backend), which gives us the scalability trony talks about.

Jason Grout gravatar imageJason Grout ( 2012-03-23 03:40:58 +0100 )edit

great. obviously we'll can make our private clouds without using google app and/or amazon?

trony gravatar imagetrony ( 2012-03-23 07:18:46 +0100 )edit

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