sage server in other than apache document root

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Dear sage community---

I want to set up a local sage server for my freshman physics students to use. I am using Ubuntu 10.10 and followed the directions at the SageServer wiki and it worked just fine. Assuming my server is at http://server.whatever, going to this URL would fire up sage just fine, with apache proxies rerouting / to localhost:8000.

This installation, however, assumes that the document root of the web server is where the installation should occur. The associated proxy redirects essentially take over the whole web server--that is, accessing other web services, like a wiki or some other php codes becomes impossible. I tried changing the proxies to reference something like http://server.whatever/sage (that is, proxy redirect /sage/ requests to localhost:8000). This works initially, but the css, etc. was all missing. I fixed this with URL rewrites in /sage/.htaccess, which edits the absolute references in the sage html files. Things looked perfect now at http://server.whatever/sage, and my other web services were available too.

The problem now is that all sage worksheets contain a red "Searching for sage server..." and the worksheets become useless (i.e. disconnected from the sage server). Likewise the javascript action of deleting, etc. a worksheet are broken. I am stuck here and cannot find a solution to this problem. Has anyone tried installing a sage server into any web directory other that the root one? Any luck?

Thanks for any help. Tom B.

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