Displaying and typesetting partitions

asked 2022-06-22 20:25:29 +0200

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A partition can be viewed as a list or pretty-printed using ascii art. This works fine for me.

A partition can also be LaTeX-ed:




which typesets fine when inserted into a LaTeX document.


  1. When sagetex uses this, and produce the exakt same LaTex snippet, there are TeX errors (which does not stop the document from being typeset, but which are annoying):

    (./part.sagetex.sout ./part.sagetex.sout:9: Illegal parameter number in definition of \r@@sageinline0.

  2. The LaTex form of the partition does not render well with MathJax, so it is not displayed properly in a Jupyter notebook. I belive that the \cline is the culprit.

I hacked the LaTex output and got something which works well with sagetex, but since it uses the external package ytableu.sty, it does not work with MathJax.

if Partitions.options.convention == "English":
    Partitions.options(latex=lambda mu: '\\ydiagram{%s}' % ','.join('%s'%m for m in mu._list))

Here is a kludge for skewpartitions:

def LatexSkew(S):
L = S._list[0]._list
M = S._list[1]._list
ut = '\\ydiagram{'
ut += ','.join([str(b) + '+' + str(a-b) for a,b in zip(L,M)] )
if len(L) > len(M):
    ut += ',' + ','.join([str(a) for a in L[len(M):]] )
ut += '}'
return ut

if Partitions.options.convention == "English":

So, at long last the question: how do you professionals typeset and display partitions?

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