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Hi there,

I'm new to Sage and new to the forum. I'm using MiKTex 29, the editor is Texmaker on a Win7 PC, Sage as 5.11 in VirtualBox. The .latexmkrc has been changed as advised here:

Changing .latexmkrc when using Texmaker

The sagetex which is used by Sage and pdflatex are of the same version. Everything should do just fine, except it doesn't.

Using the example.tex given in the sagetex directory, I compile it with TeX and get example.sagetex.sage. Everything fine there.

Running it in Sage works quite well, too. Sage says, it's plotting and doing and so on. Then it comes to a point, where Sage says: "[Errno 2] No sich file or directory: 'example.sagetex.sage'".

And the process breaks.

Here my question: Sage processes the example.sagetex.sage file in the given directory. Then it says "file not found / file not there". Both of the prompts seem to exclude eachother fairly well. But I get them anyway. What am I doing wrong?

Regards. H.

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Note that this user's version of SageTeX and the version of sagetex.sty are the same now: see

kcrisman gravatar imagekcrisman ( 2013-10-23 22:34:29 +0200 )edit