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some Latex code no longer works in 9.3 W10

asked 2021-11-22 06:47:34 +0200

ortollj gravatar image

updated 2021-11-22 07:03:22 +0200


this code below display Latex ok in 9.2 W10 but KO in 9.3 W10:


def binNewtonLatex(chooseN,chooseK,k,n0,n1,sumEnd,sumStart,z_0,z_1):

    return r'\sum_{'+str(k)+'='+str(sumStart)+'}^{'+str(sumEnd)+'}'+r'{' + \
        str(chooseN) + r' \choose ' + str(chooseK) + \
    r'}'+str(z_0) + '^{'+str(n0)+'}'+str(z_1)+ '^{'+str(n1)+'}'

        LatexExpr(r"\text{we can check easily that Newton binomial formula is ok for n=0,n=1,n=2,n=3}\\") + \
        LatexExpr( r"(z0+z1)^0 \,=\,"+binNewtonLatex( 0,k,k,k,0-k,0,0,z0,z1) + r" = 1 \\") + \
        LatexExpr(       r"(z0+z1)^1 \,=\,"+binNewtonLatex( 1,k,k,k,k,1,0,z0,z1) +r"= z0+z1 \\") )

for c in commentsL :
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Until Now I do not know if the problem comes from my installation, or if it is false problem. So before opening a ticket, i need confirmation from someone else .

do you also get this below each time the Kernel is reset:

bash.exe: warning: could not find /tmp, please create!
ortollj gravatar imageortollj ( 2021-11-22 09:19:48 +0200 )edit

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answered 2021-11-23 17:59:27 +0200

ortollj gravatar image

The solution is to avoid 9.3 W10 and install 9.4 on W10 in WSL2 with Ubuntu_20.04 see the link below:




Jupyter lab installed on W10  in WSL2

Latex is ok ;-)

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The link on Sandy Scott site no longer works this afternoon but was ok this morning !

what is happening ? I don't know.

I choose orange background in Firefox because white background make my eyes cry after a few hours of computer use. and with this orange background I have no problem.

ortollj gravatar imageortollj ( 2021-11-23 18:17:27 +0200 )edit
slelievre gravatar imageslelievre ( 2021-11-24 02:03:48 +0200 )edit

@slelievre, but how much time this archive page will be available ?. This page should be on because all the process is carefully described and with a very clear way.

ortollj gravatar imageortollj ( 2021-11-27 10:08:27 +0200 )edit

Sandy Scott added the installation process to the official Sage documentation:

slelievre gravatar imageslelievre ( 2021-11-27 12:12:23 +0200 )edit

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine will exist as long as people donate to keep it alive.

slelievre gravatar imageslelievre ( 2021-11-27 12:15:12 +0200 )edit

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