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how to convert .sws files of old legacy notebook to .ipynb format

asked 2020-08-16 10:34:14 +0200

sagelearner gravatar image

updated 2024-04-22 20:21:04 +0200

FrédéricC gravatar image

I recently switched to SageMath 9.1. I am having problem to upload my old .swsfiles in the new jupyter norebook. Any help will be appreciated. I am new to linux

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answered 2020-08-16 11:55:49 +0200

tmonteil gravatar image

The converter was included in the old sagenb, which does not exist anymore because it was written in Python 2 and is unmaintained.

We are working on having the converter (extracted fromsagenb source code) back in Sage, see trac ticket 28838

Another possibility is to install an old version of Sage and translate the .sws files to .rst and then from .rst to .ipynb format with the sage -rst2ipynb command.

If you do not want to install anything, you can the Sage Debian Live whose current version on the Sage mirrors still provides sagenb and the sage -sws2rst command.

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Thank you. Where can I find an old version of Sage? Will the old legacy notebook work in the old Sage?

sagelearner gravatar imagesagelearner ( 2020-08-16 12:22:52 +0200 )edit

You can find all old versions of Sage on the download page including old binaries, see

Sébastien gravatar imageSébastien ( 2020-08-16 19:53:17 +0200 )edit

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