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What is useful for to upgrade a project or an account?

asked 2017-12-01 12:59:22 +0100

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updated 2017-12-02 17:28:24 +0100

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I see the upper add on worksheets "it runs on a trial server and has no network access", but up to now I use Sagemath Cloud without sharing with any other person, and have worked well even without network. Does "network" here means "internet access"? What for I would need network or internet access?

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answered 2017-12-01 19:33:52 +0100

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  1. The trial servers tend to be heavily used and so will run a bit slow. The member servers are significantly faster!
  2. Yes, the network access is internet access. The membership allows network access -- you can download files directly into your account or use ssh to move data between your local computer and CoCalc.
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