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Is it possible to download Sage on my PC to work privately (not on the cloud)?

asked 2017-12-01 12:38:04 +0200

logomath gravatar image

If yes, does that uses a lot of CPU resources? And how can I easily download my Sage Projects (in full) and worksheets, which are on my cloud-Sagemath?

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answered 2017-12-01 13:51:54 +0200

tmonteil gravatar image

Yes it is of course possible, and an average computer is more than enough for single-user computations (of course you can always eat all the computer ressource with a dummy loop, like in any language). But advices about how to achieve that depends on your system, so you have to be more precise if you want more informations about that.

When running standalone, there is no such thing as "project", but it should be easy to export the indivicual worksheets of sagemath cloud, an "projects" will basically corresponds to the organization of your directories. You should export them in the .ipynb format if you want to run them from the jupyter interface, of in the .sws format if you want to run them in the sagee-notebook format (which is going to be deprecated). In any case, do not export them in the .sagews format which is specific to the sagemath cloud interface.

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Thank for your answer. I am not so familiar with these things, so I would like to know how to do that. I would like to find some reference or links for download sage, exporting files, etc.. Also, what is a sage-notebook? And what is the jupyter interface and what is going to be deprecated (°_°) ? Sorry for elementary questions...

logomath gravatar imagelogomath ( 2017-12-01 14:17:03 +0200 )edit

The sage-notebook is going to be replaced by jupyter notebook, so i would suggest to using it, even if some features may not be mature.

tmonteil gravatar imagetmonteil ( 2017-12-01 14:31:46 +0200 )edit

regarding downloads, which OS are you using ? You can have a look at:

tmonteil gravatar imagetmonteil ( 2017-12-01 14:35:36 +0200 )edit

I still use windows XP. Is that ok for Sage download? P.S. what it is binary tarball, if I need to know?

logomath gravatar imagelogomath ( 2017-12-01 14:37:28 +0200 )edit

I am not sure about such an old OS, could you try to use the new Sage installer and report here ? Note that it is a huge file.

Otherwise, you can burn and boot from a live USB key running Linux, see

tmonteil gravatar imagetmonteil ( 2017-12-01 17:21:51 +0200 )edit

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