Why the value returned by read_data,open... are unavailable in Jupyter notebook

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I run the following commands in code cell of jupyternotebook.

indata = tmp_filename()
 f = open(indata, "w")
 l = read_data(indata, ZZ); l

And I get the following error message:

TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable

But the result is output in terminal.

[I 21:15:07.797 NotebookApp] Saving file at /Untitled.ipynb
[17, 42]

How to solve this problem?

By the way: some functions such as "print", "tmp_filename" also can not output in Jupter notebook. These functions work well in old sage math notebook.

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There is an obvious indent error, but i suppose it comes from manually indenting 5 (and not 4) spaces the markdown message. Instead of using the pictogram with


and in my case the five lines work in jupyter notebook. I'we got (with deprecation warnings):

[I 00:11:19.965 NotebookApp] Saving file at /w123456789.ipynb
[I 00:11:36.920 NotebookApp] Saving file at /w123456789.ipynb
[I 00:13:02.667 NotebookApp] Saving file at /w123456789.ipynb

and the print was also working. I would try the same with a specific file name, then try to see if the file was written:

filename =  '/home/dan/abcd.txt'
f = open( filename, 'w' )
f.write( '17\n42\n' )
l = read_data( filename,  ZZ ); l

And indeed my home dir got the file with the content:

dan_fulea gravatar imagedan_fulea ( 2017-04-25 00:18:23 +0100 )edit