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Hi everyone,

When using sagetex, it often produces very long equations that are not visible anymore because they go over the page width.

How to fix that?

I could work around it by loading the .sagetex.sage into a sage session, then produce latex code with latex(functionname) and then break this code manually but it would be against the spirit of sagetex.

I tried the breqn environment but it does not work, e.g.



delta =  (1-z)*( gamma(2-d/2)/( (1-z)^2*m^2+z*M^2 )^(2-d/2) *(2-epsilon)^2/2 + gamma(3-d/2)/( (1-z)^2*m^2+z*M^2 )^(3-d/2) * ( 2*(1-4*z+z^2)-epsilon*(1-z)^2 )*m^2  )



produces an equation that has no line breaks. I cannot use environments like split or align to fix it because I cannot directly modify the latex code, or, if I would via sage, it would not be convenient anymore to use sagetex.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi again,

I know now that the reason is that the generated latex code from sage contains a lot of {\left and \right)} that should be deleted. But I cant write any macro in Latex that removes { or } because they are themselves trigger parameters... So the deletion of { and } should come from sage before handing the code to latex. Any suggestions on how to do that?

SagExchange gravatar imageSagExchange ( 2015-07-07 22:43:38 +0200 )edit