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Compatibility of sagetex with arXiv and journals?

asked 2011-12-23 19:07:46 +0200

Shashank gravatar image

I was wondering whether anybody has any experience with trying to upload a draft created with sagetex on arXiv or journal servers. Normally arXiv prefers a tex file with figures in a tar.gz file. However, I was just trying to include a figure in a document and trying to compile it with sagetex. The problem is that I don't get a tex file and figure that I can upload on arXiv.

Is there a way to get a tex file and eps figues from sagetex, so that the whole thing can be compiled by the arXiv and journal servers (APS for example)

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answered 2011-12-26 10:38:00 +0200

Jason Grout gravatar image

Did you read section 4.3 (or around there) of the sagetex manual? It's entitled "Sending SageTEX files to others who don’t use Sage", and directly addresses this question.

Here's an old copy of the sagetex documentation:

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Had not read the section. Thanks a lot.

Shashank gravatar imageShashank ( 2011-12-26 13:45:31 +0200 )edit

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