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Can I make plot(f(x)) figures smaller?

asked 2013-05-27 00:22:21 +0100

boyfarrell gravatar image

The plot command is very useful, but the default size of plots is quite large. Is it possible to reduce the size?

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2 Answers

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answered 2013-05-27 02:28:05 +0100

vdelecroix gravatar image

You should have a look at the documentation of plot with

sage: plot?

There are plenty of options. In particular, to obtain a small picture you have the option figsize as in

sage: plot(sin(x), (x,-pi,pi), figsize=4)


sage: P = plot(sin(x), (x,-pi,pi))

The default value for figsize seems to be 8. With 4 you obtain quite a small picture. Note that you can also set this parameter to a pair (width,height).

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answered 2022-03-30 16:49:44 +0100

kcrisman gravatar image

There is a poorly-documented option for modifying this globally as well.

is a dictionary that has a lot of options. So for instance, this would work to make a truly tiny graph.['figsize']=1

However, one shouldn't abuse it - it's too easy to think there should be one default! We try for one that works in a wide variety of cases, but I agree that the default is often too big for certain applications.

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