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I require that a integral be performed in MathCad 14 but can get Mathcad to give me an answer. Below is the code D:= 4 v:= 20 lamda:=25 E(x):= 6.256*10.x^3.v^2.D AE:= 4PI(6371000^2) RD(x):=lamda.(cube root E(x)) AD(x):= PI(RD(x)^2) FE(x):= 1/(10^(2log(x)-1)) FK(x):= integral (50 to 1500) FE(x).AD(x)/ AE dx

If anyone can explain why mathcad give the answer without doing the integral and showing me how to obtain the correct answer it would be much appreciated. Thank you

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Wrong forum, lad. Try . Good luck!

Jesustc gravatar imageJesustc ( 2013-04-22 06:00:08 +0100 )edit