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How to integrate step by step in maxima?

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I agree...

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Pay attention to argument of cotangent: it is 2x: see here See equation solver for correct answer.

2016-08-28 23:40:30 +0200 commented answer Solve trigonometric equation

It doesn't work for 2*cot(2x). More precisely, solve(2*cot(2*x)==0, x, to_poly_solve='force') returns empty list.

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2016-08-28 23:23:50 +0200 asked a question Solve trigonometric equation

How do I solve simple trigonometric equation 2*cot(2x)=0?

I tried solve, but it gives me one solution, I need solution with n.

Thank you.

2016-05-22 10:20:36 +0200 commented answer Bug in sage solve

Thank you. Just strange that Sage can't solve such simple system.

2016-05-21 13:55:27 +0200 asked a question Bug in sage solve

Sage raises an error when I try to solve the following:

solve(a*exp(k*2) - n, a*exp(k*8)-m, a, k, solution_dict=True)

What is the reason for this?

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2015-09-19 19:42:51 +0200 commented answer Sage and python subprocess

Managed to fix it. I ran script as www-data, so chown -R www-data /root/.sage and same for /var/www/ fixed the problem.

2015-09-19 18:36:27 +0200 commented answer Sage and python subprocess

Sorry, I'm newbie to this. How can I check it? I actually deployed django site and I logged in as root.

2015-09-19 17:11:30 +0200 asked a question Sage and python subprocess

Just installed sage-6.8

From python program I run the following command:

res = check_output(["/opt/mathenv/sage-6.8/sage","/opt/mathenv/mathsite/mathsite/scripts/eq_solver.sage","x-5", "x",'-oo', '1', 'oo', '1', '14'])

But this piece of code gives me the following error:

CalledProcessError: Command '['/opt/mathenv/sage-6.8/sage', '/opt/mathenv/mathsite/mathsite/scripts/eq_solver.sage', 'x-5', 'x', '-oo', '1', 'oo', '1', '14']' returned non-zero exit status 1

It works perfectly if I enter the command directly in shell, so there are no errors with the script.

I've managed to get the error:

Setting permissions of DOT_SAGE directory so only you can read and write it.
os.chmod(DOT_SAGE, _desired_mode)\nOSError: [Errno 1]
Operation not permitted: \'/var/www/.sage/'

How can I fix it?