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Thank you for looking into this for me! As a new user, I'm glad to know it wasn't something ridiculous on my part. Also, thanks for the suggestion to use the polynomial ring. That will get me through what I need to do.

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Thanks! This will fix my current problem, but I am still concerned for when I use larger matrices, and/or a different modulus. If anyone has ideas on a really efficient way to do this in general, I would love to hear them.

2015-06-24 11:39:06 -0500 asked a question Multiplying matrices with different parents?

I want to conjugate a symbolic matrix, Sigma, by a matrix, garbage, over Z/9Z. If I define both matrices as symbolic matrices, I get the right answer. If I define garbage over Z/9Z, I get confusing answers. Can anyone explain my results?


[  36*A + 42*B + 18*C + 21*D + 19    48*A + 12*B + 24*C + 6*D + 18]
[36*A + 42*B + 108*C + 126*D + 54  48*A + 12*B + 144*C + 36*D + 28]
36*A + 42*B + 108*C + 126*D + 54
[        6*B + 3*D + 1 3*A + 3*B + 6*C + 6*D]
[            0*A + 0*D         3*A + 0*D + 1]
6*B + 0*D
2015-06-24 11:05:16 -0500 asked a question Sage is not returning all solutions to equations modulo n

I am trying to find all 2x2 matrices $S$ over $Z/9Z$ such that $S^3=I$, where I is the identity matrix. I am currently using the following procedure:

S = matrix(SR, 2, [[a,b],[c,d]]);
l=solve_mod([S3[0,0]==1,S3[0,1]==0,S3[1,0]==0,S3[1,1]==1], 9);

The list of solutions (there are 207) I receive does not include S=[[1,3],[3,1]], for example, which does in fact satisfy $S^3=I$. I am new to Sage, is there something I am missing? How can I get a complete list of solutions?