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2020-06-16 22:42:50 +0200 asked a question Print function in notebook not recognizing backspace character

The following gives different output in SageMath 9.1 in notebook (Jupyter) versus SageMath 9.1 in a terminal session. The terminal agrees with my local installation of Python 3.7 and give the (expected) output.


The Jupyter notebook cell returns "tesrun". The others return "trun".

Maybe some weird bug?

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2015-05-20 14:24:20 +0200 commented answer Shift+Enter and Tab not working in 6.6 with Chrome on OS X 10

Thank you! The "hard cache reset" fixed the problem. Also, I did not need to change the preferences; the newer version of sage was launched when I clicked on the .app icon. I'll come back and give an up vote when I have enough reputation to do so.

2015-05-19 21:12:20 +0200 asked a question Shift+Enter and Tab not working in 6.6 with Chrome on OS X 10

I have a working version 5.11 of sage that I use primarily in the notebook interface together with Chrome. I decided to upgrade to version 6.6. After doing so, I found that the terminal would be running version 6.6 but that the notebook would run version 5.11. I then trashed the 5.11 .app file and the sage folder from my applications folder on OS X 10. After restarting sage, the notebook would open in version 6.6. However, when I opened or created new notebooks, I could not evaluate any cells because Shift+Enter would not evaluate cells. There were no other buttons to evaluate cells either. Additionally Tab would not work as an autocomplete, but rather would move the cursor to other cells and menu tabs.

Any suggestions?