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2015-10-16 02:33:06 +0200 asked a question 3D plotting in the cloud with jmol

As I understand it, the sage cloud is using three.js for 3D plotting. It's usable, but has some real issues. Based on my experience, jmol is still better, but has been undesirable because of dependence on java. But there is a javascript version, jsmol, that appears to work reasonably well. It's slower than java, and I think slower than three.js, but in some circumstances the quality is better.

Is there a plan, or maybe a chance of a plan, to make jsmol an option in the cloud? One of my needs is to put 3D plots in web pages, without java. Jsmol lets me do it, and from the sage cloud I can export the needed jmol archive, but it would be nice to preview in jsmol as well.

2015-10-12 04:00:49 +0200 asked a question Problem with jmol

I have some old jmol files that I display on the web. Now that Firefox is going to stop supporting the java plugin, and Chrome already has, I went looking for a path forward. I found jsmol and installed it, and presto!, the old plots display fine.

Then I generated a new plot in the sagemath cloud, saved it with export_jmol, installed the jmol zip file, and tried to view it. It doesn't display. Using the old java version displays fine.

The java viewer is here:

and the new one is here:

Of course for the java version you need a browser that will still do java, and you'll probably need to whitelist the server. Or you can take my word that it displays properly. The jsmol version definitely does not.

Any idea what is going on here? Since my old sagenb-generated jmol surfaces work (at least the ones I've checked) it would seem that there is something different going on.

One final wrinkle: in a different test, I had a surface with two points also in the plot. In jsmol the points show up, but not the surface.

The plots do show up fine in sagemath cloud, so I suppose that's a clue of some sort, at least if the display in the cloud is using jsmol by default. If not, then nevermind.

-- David

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2015-01-28 00:31:11 +0200 commented answer python turtle graphics in sagemath cloud

Thanks! I'll play around with that.

-- David

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2014-10-29 03:58:22 +0200 asked a question How can I change the projection in the webgl renderer?

I'm using plot3d in the sage cloud. How can I tell the webgl renderer to use the orthographic projection?

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2014-10-09 20:21:15 +0200 asked a question python turtle graphics in sagemath cloud

The turtle module seems to be available in the cloud, but it wants to open a remote window. It would be ideal if it could display the graphics in the browser. Otherwise, X forwarding would work in some circumstances, if I'm not behind a firewall or a NAT.