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The Sage Cell server acts as a web service to perform computations and return results, plots, etc. The iphone and android apps use it as a backend, for example.

We're working on good documentation for it. Here are some examples, though: (see the bottom of the page for messages sent back and forth to the web service).


Embedding documentation: (see the bottom for a small example)

Another example: (see bottom of page)

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Hi, I have a Node.js app that needs to use a few of Sagemath's functions. I have no idea at all how I can call into Sage from a js backend, or even if it's possible to call it from an external process. Obviously being able to call Sage to plot a graph and receiving the result as a stream or saved to disk would be optimal. But so far, I would be happy if I could call factor() from a web page and display the results. Anyone has an idea how to accomplish this? I don't mind having a Python layer around Sage if thats what it takes, but any code snippets or pointers to existing libraries would be highly appreciated. Thanks.