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2012-02-04 23:07:29 +0200 commented answer Notebook errors when compiling Sage from source

That did the trick! Thank you very much!

2012-02-04 09:36:12 +0200 commented answer Notebook errors when compiling Sage from source

Looks like when I select Sage as the interpreter in the notebook I get an output, for example "r.plot(r.rnorm(100))" gives me the right graph (along wit the response "null device 1"). But selecting R as the interpreter in the notebook and then evaluating "plot(rnorm(100))" gives no output.

2012-02-04 09:21:27 +0200 commented question HTTPS for Sage Webserver?

I had run into a few times where existing Sage servers were down or running slowly, and since I had a free Linux box available, it seemed like making my own server was the way to go. It's taught me a few new things, and I appreciate you guys not minding the occasional question.

2012-02-04 09:16:16 +0200 commented answer Notebook errors when compiling Sage from source

Now that I can see my output, I see that the version of R I compiled is not giving the usual "Error in png() : X11 is not available" error when I try to make a graph, which is good. "r.eval('capabilities("png")')" and "r.eval('capabilities("X11")')" both come up true. But I'm not seeing any graphs when I try to use R for plotting -- I get no output or errors. 2D and 3D plots with Sage display properly, though.

2012-02-04 09:02:12 +0200 commented question Notebook errors when compiling Sage from source

Good question. It looks like how I was launching the notebook was causing things to act funny. I had redone my server from scratch and accidentally was using the command from Jason Grout's sage server wiki. But since I never set up those sage user accounts that he did, I didn't need all the server_pool and ulimit options. Removing those and invoking sage with just "sage -c "notebook(interface='localhost', directory='./sage_notebook.sagenb',port=8000, accounts=False, timeout=3600, open_viewer=False)" " is getting my outputs back. Thanks!

2012-02-02 19:23:05 +0200 asked a question Notebook errors when compiling Sage from source

Hi, everyone. I've been using the Sage binary on Kubuntu 11.10 and decided to try compiling Sage for better R support. It compiled, but the notebook is not working properly -- it gives me no output. I type in commands, click on "evaluate," and nothing happens, regardless of what the command was. No confirmations, no graphs, no error messages, no nothing. The binary works, but not what I compiled from source.

My system is using the 3.0.0-12-generic kernel, and I have all the packages (build-essential, gfortran, M4, bison) mentioned in the installation guide. I made sure to explicitly set the path to gfortran (export SAGE_FORTRAN=/usr/bin/gfortran). I couldn't find, however, so I couldn't set SAGE_FORTRAN_LIB.

Any suggestions? I appreciate the help given on my last question a while back, and am hoping the Sage community can field this one again.

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Thanks, Jason! I hadn't realized you had updated your guide since I set up my server in July.

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2011-10-09 13:48:06 +0200 asked a question HTTPS for Sage Webserver?

I want to use Sage on my work computer, but it runs Windows and is locked down by an IT department which is not interested in installing new software, regardless of potential utility. It looks like my only option, then, is to install Sage on my home Ubuntu 10.04 server and then access it through HTTP.

I've followed Jason Grout's procedure at, and it works well. However, I was wondering:

  1. Would it be prudent to set up Sage/Apache to work over HTTPS instead of HTTP, or am I just being paranoid?
  2. If the consensus is that HTTPS is a good idea, could someone point me to some resources on configuring Sage and Apache for HTTPS? (If it helps in selecting resources, I have experience administering and using various distros of Linux on workstations for about 15 years, but know next to nothing about setting up a web server.)
  3. A side-question unrelated to the previous two -- is there any way to prevent the Sage server login screen from displaying the option to create an account? I was planning to restrict accounts to myself and a few friends.