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2020-10-22 17:25:25 +0100 asked a question Determinant of large sparse symbolic matrices

I am working on a symbolic circuit simulation program for electronic circuits (SLiCAP). I have a matlab (MuPAD) and a python version available.

The key task of such a program is the calculation of the determinant of sparse matrices with symbolic entries. The MuPAD (MATLAB symbolic toolbox) version calculates the determinant of a sparse matrix (dim = 52x52) with one symbolic variable (the Laplace variable) in about one minute (minor expansion, algorithm unknown). The Python version uses maxima and the newdet method (Gentleman-Johnson algorithm). This method is limited to dim=50x50, but I had to reduce the size to (30x30) because of memory paging errors reported by Lisp.

Now I would like to try SageMath with the "df" algorithm for this purpose, but its running more then 30 minutes ... I know the Gentleman-Johnson method is included in PyNAC but it doesn't seem to be included in the sage wrapper.

My questions:

  1. Can SageMath be forced to use the Gentleman-Johnson algorithm included in PyNAC?
  2. If not can a wrapper be build to do this?
  3. If so, can someone help we with this?

Thanks in advance for repying!

written so that it can be used?
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