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Thanks for the tip Emmanuel! I will have to inquire further about how reasonable it is to start from scratch with the new version. Since the current version is so old, it seems like it could be quite the pain to get it moved over. I'm trying to compile Sage 9.1 on my RHEL 8 server now (using python 2), but it keeps failing saying that im missing about 46 packages, of which I cannot find a repo for RedHat 8 that has them. Guess im stuck with the per-built binaries with that. To answer your question though, the old server IS still accessible, and I see a "Home" directory with multiple user directories under it. Im not sure how this could be migrated to the new version though, specially considering the jump from 5.11 to 9.1

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I had a feeling this wasnt going to be a simple upgrade. So just to make sure I understand correctly, this "notebook" feature that is accessed via the URL is not included with the base download from I did some searching and this seems to be the github for SageNB, maybe you can correct me if im wrong!

Looking at the original server, I dont see directory structures that resemble this. Just the base "sage-5.4.1" folder (guessing the original admin did upgrades to 5.11 after the fact?) and a "sage_notebook.sagenb" folder. The "sagenb" folder does contain a "home" directory, a "twistedconf.tac" file, and few files with...a .pickle extension? When browsing to the old server's URL, it displays "The Sage Notebook Version 5.11"

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So i will start off by saying that I am a complete novice when it comes to Sage. The current server has been handed off to me, the individual who originally built it is no longer around (naturally), and I have been assigned to install the latest version of sage on new server (RedHat 8 VM). I will note that the current version of Sage (5.11) is running on RedHat 6.10

Now my troubles begin. I have the new VM deployed, downloaded the prebuilt binary (sage-9.1-Debian_GNU_Linux_10-x86_64.tar.bz2) to the server and extracted it, and started sage. The first issue i'm having, is it seems in the past a service has been setup to automatically start on boot/startup, and the users browse to server via the FQDN and port number (as in ""), and they are greeted with the "Sage NoteBook" login screen. I have no idea how to get sage to start on this server, where I can simply browse to the server's FQDN and access the page?

Second issue, lets say by some miracle I can get the web working perfectly, how can I import all the users and data from the original server, to this new instance?