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2020-07-31 20:17:50 +0200 asked a question SageMath on macOS: app, components, packages, SageTeX

I'm brand new to SageMath and having trouble getting my bearings. Can you help with these things:

  • On macOS 10.14.6, I downloaded and installed from the SageMath download mirror at MIT. But although the app starts the way the page says, "like most other Mac applications," the interface is quite different from most other Mac applications. Instead of the usual sequence, "AppName, File, Edit, View, ... Window, Help," Sage has "Sage, File, Server, Terminal Session, Development, Help." I recognize "Sage," "File," and "Help," but not the rest. Is there introductory documentation or a tutorial somewhere that explains how to use Sage from this interface?

  • Regarding the installation itself, the SageMath components documentation lists 84 separate components. Some of these, like R and Python, I already have installed and use regularly in different contexts. Does SageMath install duplicates, or does it use the already installed versions? And in either case, how does SageMath handle component updates and possible incompatibilities associated with them?

  • I want to use SageMath with LyX and therefore need SageTeX. In the SageMath documentation, the SageTeX tutorial says SageMath comes with SageTeX, and all one needs to do is to make TeX aware of it. But the page refers to SAGE_ROOT, and since I installed using the .dmg file, I'm not really sure where SAGE_ROOT is. How does one find it?