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2019-08-04 12:33:45 +0100 asked a question Win 10 install issues

Followed installation instructions and came up with three icons on desktop. One labeled SageMath8.8, 2nd labeled SageMath8.8 Shell, and 3rd labeled SageMath8.8 Notebook. Actually there is a 4th that just links to these three. Each of the three icons links to a site that looks like a big blank blackboard. One has some text with about exiting. What is the difference?

How do I use them to use the TUTORIAL? The tutorial says to click help, but none of them have a help button.

I think you need better introductory material for the newby trying to get into Sage without a guide. You have a lot of stuff but it is all over the place and very confusing. I've been working on this for about three hours a day for almost a week and I haven't gotten very far.