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2011-02-12 04:48:04 +0200 commented answer How to use GOTOBLAS (instead of ATLAS)?

lapack is fine with libf77blas because they are both fortran libraries. The real hurdle is getting libcblas. I am not sure how to create a wrapper from libf77blas. Function name mapping is easy. The big problem is that C and fortran store matrix differently so you would have to reorganize your arrays before passing them to libf77blas. That's a job and a half.

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2011-02-11 04:42:32 +0200 answered a question What is the executable file for cantor?

I'll assume two things. That kcrisman answer didn't help. And that your question is about setting cantor to use sage.

In short that you want to know what to put in the box in cantor to start sage. If PATH is the full path in which you installed sage then you need to put: PATH/sage

2011-02-11 04:30:16 +0200 answered a question Updating scipy in sage

You can try something very dirty that will probably work. Sage's spkg are stored in spkg/standard. I assume you have a tarball for scipy-0.9.

1) go to spkg/standard

2) tar xvfj scipy-0.8

3) cd scipy-0.8

4) rm -rf src/

5) mkdir src

6) untar the scipy-0.9 tarball

7) copy the content of the scipy-0.9 folder in the src folder

8) going back to spkg/standard

9) mv scipy-0.8 scipy-0.9

10) tar cvf scipy-0.9.tar scipy-0.9

11) bzip2 scipy-0.9.tar

12) mv scipy-0.9.tar.bz2 scipy-0.9.spkg

13) cd ../..

14) sage -f scipy-0.9

15) wait for scipy-0.9 to install (cross fingers)

16) start sage (no need for sage -b scipy is a runtime dependency not a build time one)

17) enjoy scipy-0.9 in sage - hopefully

2011-02-11 04:01:51 +0200 answered a question How to use GOTOBLAS (instead of ATLAS)?

A major problem that I already mentioned on sage-devel is that ATLAS produces 2 libraries: libf77blas for fortran and libcblas for C. GOTOBlas is only producing libf77blas. lapack is perfectly happy with libf77blas as it is a fortran library. However most of the packages in sage and sage itself require libcblas.

So to use GOTOBlas instead of atlas you need to produce an extra layer that will translate fortran to C, or recode a substantial portion of sage to use libf77blas. Whichever way you want to go, that's a big amount of work.