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I launched yesterday the compilation of Sage from git sources on a CentOS7 machine. The compilation took a huge time. There are three kinds of compiled packages: 1) packages already present in CentOS but a newer version was installed 2) packages not present in CentOS 3) the Sage Core FYI, the machine where the install took place is used to compile the latest version of Octave; so most required mathematical libs are already installed with their -devel counterpart.

This leads to a few questions: 1) is there a way to avoid superseding any available package ? Would it be possible to align the compile requirements on the versions present in CentOS ? 2) Would a few persons be interested in creating a CentOS Special Interest Group with the purpose of packaging the missing libs and Sage for Centos ? The purpose is to provide a Sage package as light as possible, i.e. running mostly from available packages. The logic behind is that CentOS can be considered as a workhorse with long term support.