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2018-02-28 13:59:08 +0100 asked a question Where is my worksheet?

I have installed sage-5.10 in my Ubuntu 13.04. As explained in my previous question I can't start sage and consequently can't open my worksheet with some calculations, but I can access the sage-5.10 folder and apparently all the files inside it. My question is, where should I look for my worksheet in the sage-5.10 folder?.

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2018-02-28 10:22:35 +0100 commented question See and access sage-5.10 folder but get no "such file or directory" message

About four or five years ago I decided to free myself from Mathematica and sage was my best option. Installed sage in my Ubuntu and began to do some calculations related to my research in mathematics. A little complicated period of my life began too and I had to forget my calculations for e few years. Now I finally can continue my research, this explains why sage 5.10. As far as I remember I never did an update, the directory is there, I can see every thing inside the folder.

2018-02-28 02:53:26 +0100 asked a question See and access sage-5.10 folder but get no "such file or directory" message

I have installed sage-5.10 in my laptop with Ubuntu 13.04. The folder with sage-5.10 is there, clicking in the folder I can see all the folders and files inside it on any level. Have being using a worksheet for a while with some calculations. I start my sage worksheet in my terminal changing directory

cd /home/alien/Desktop/Sage/sage-5.10





But suddenly when making the cd /home/alien/Desktop/Sage/sage-5.10 I'm getting the message "No such file or directory". So can't start again sage and using my worksheet. How can I solve this problem?.