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2017-09-28 21:35:37 +0100 commented answer Displaying images with matplotlib

Thanks very much for your help! Jeroen's example worked in my sagews

2017-09-28 21:35:01 +0100 commented answer Displaying images with matplotlib

Thanks Jeroen!

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2017-09-27 01:32:58 +0100 asked a question Displaying images with matplotlib

Hi! I'm unable to get some of my old code (written in the Sage notebook around 2011) to work on CoCalc. I found very similar code on the SageMath interact/graphics wiki page at

That code also doesn't work for me in CoCalc: no image gets displayed, just the two slider bars. Is there a simple change that needs to be made?

In general, should I expect Sage code to work in a CoCalc Sage worksheet? I admit that I don't know to what extent the two are compatible. Thanks for any advice!

Here is the code from that SageMath Wiki:

# Simple example demonstrating how to interact with matplotlib directly.
# Comment plt.clf() to get the plots overlay in each update.
# Gokhan Sever & Harald Schilly (2010-01-24)

from scipy import stats
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

def plot_norm(loc=(0,(0,10)), scale=(1,(1,10))):
    rv = stats.norm(loc, scale)
    x = np.linspace(-10,10,1000)
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2017-08-28 20:57:22 +0100 asked a question Seeking advice for classroom installation

I'm teaching a cryptology class in the fall. We are meeting in a computer lab with Windows computers, and ideally I would like students to be able to use the Notebook interface in Sage. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for how I should set this up? (Currently Sage is not installed.) In the past (around 2012), I believe we had a special server set up, and then students connected to that by typing in a special address in their web browsers.

I'm not considering using CoCalc (because even though we could maybe get funding for a few quarters, I don't think that would be sustainable longterm).

I will pass on any advice from you to my university's IT department.

Thanks very much!