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2017-05-04 15:15:04 +0200 asked a question Installing SageMath for multiple users?

I have been asked to look into installing SageMath on a server for use by multiple users (I am a sysadmin and not a mathematician). I had initially looked into this a couple of years ago, but then priorities were changed.

From the previous occasion, I recall that SageMath installation is generally from a tarball (or a possibly quite fearsome compilation from source), and that the SageMath notebook interface runs in the user's web browser. I seem to recall then that it would be difficult or impossible for more than one end user to run SageMath, as, when it opens a web browser, it is not aware of there actually being different end users on a multi-user server computer and the notebook interface would not be able to cope with this (without somehow running multiple web interfaces on separate network ports?). The SageMath documentation also rather seems to assume the use case of an individual user with sysadmin powers installing SageMath on their own personal computer for their own stand-alone personal use (if there is specific documentation about setup for multiple users, I have not yet found it, unfortunately).

Is it (easily) possible to install SageMath on a (Linux) server for multiple end users to be able to use it via the notebook interface, or would it realistically be substantially easier to consider the use of the SageMath Cloud service instead?

Thank you for any advice.