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2014-02-02 10:11:17 +0100 answered a question Tick Marks and Intercepts

Certainly no need to apologize; this answer is very helpful. Thanks much, kcrisman.

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2014-02-01 14:56:21 +0100 asked a question Tick Marks and Intercepts

Help! I'm trying to use Sage to plot x-intercepts, and there seems to be a problem when I try to zoom in too far. E.g. if I execute


then I get exactly what I expect, but if I execute


then I get this error message:

Traceback (click to the left of this block for traceback) ... Unknown symbol: \verb (at char 0), (line:1, col:1)

Curiously, this seems to be directly related to the fact that my function is crossing the x axis on the domain in question. E.g. if I try


then everything comes out fine.

Any thoughts on what's going on and/or how to get around it?


2014-02-01 00:25:06 +0100 answered a question Controlling tick marks in plots

How can I get precise tick marks? E.g if I execute


then ALL of the tick marks on the x axis read 7.071e-1. How can I get the tick marks to write out to seven decimal places? I've tried messing around with the ticks and tick_formatter specifications, but I get either no improvement or an error message.

Can anyone help? Thanks.